Munich facts

Originally posted on Ray's blog:
After spending 4 days – 3 nights from August 16 to 19  2013 in Munich. On Monday, I got a job interview, the dates were flexible so…

Munich facts

After spending 4 days – 3 nights from August 16 to 19  2013 in Munich. On Monday, I got a job interview, the dates were flexible so I arranged a longer stay to… Continue reading

One Day in Tallinn

During my trip in Helsinki, me and my buddy spent a day in Tallinn ( Estonia ). We took Tallink Silja at 9 am . It’s 2 hour long trip one way. The… Continue reading

Helsinki facts

After spending 3 days in Helsinki in May 2013, here are snapshots of my visit. The first thing ,  Finnish people would be surprised for tourists to choose Helsinki  as first destination. After… Continue reading

29 years old

Today I’m turning 29 years . Time to reflect on year 2012 . It was a year with lots of change : – I created a one man company around August : provide… Continue reading

Pratique : faire réparer un smartphone

Ayant eu un iPhone 5 , j’ai naturellement fait une demande pour la nano SIM. Comme le Galaxy Nexus prend les cartes SIM standard, il faut un adaptateur de carte pour re-insérer ma… Continue reading

Free mobile : plus de connexion data

Depuis lundi 19 Novembre 2012 , je n’arrive plus à me connecter en 3G. J’utilise la 3G pendant les transports de Place d’Italie vers le Trocadéro . La ligne 6 est en partie… Continue reading

Recharger sa oyster card hors de l’Angleterre

La oyster card est un ticket de transport Londonien (pensez au pass Navigo) . Les londoniens peuvent la recharger en ligne . Ayant déjà une oyster card et voulant la recharger en… Continue reading

nouveau depart

Mon aventure auprès de Mappy SA se termine aujourd’hui après plus de 14 mois passés. Depuis l’arrivée des app stores ,  j’avais toujours rêver de travailler dans la mobilité dans le but de créer… Continue reading

One day in Zhujiajiao

Zhujiajiao – Shanghai takes one hour by car . I took the bus from Shanghai Indoor Stadium. The water towns are typical around Shanghai area.  Amsterdam is famous for its canals, but the… Continue reading

a Day in Macau

For the first day in Macau , we didn’t bother to visit typical tourists attractions but the casinos. This adventure happened on Sunday April 22 2012. Quick facts Even tough macao has its own… Continue reading

Hong Kong facts

Hong Kong ( 香港  Xiānggǎng ) means “fragrant harbour” . Been there in 2010 for a week and now 2012 for a week, walked past a dozen times avenue of stars. Some interesting facts I… Continue reading

Post SMS release Facebook

I’ve been thinking for long about an app to share SMS on facebook. Now I’ve done it. What’s the use ? Well I had a long SMS conversation once with a girl (… Continue reading

Free mobile : un mois après

Un mois après être abonné chez free, je suis satisfait de la qualité pour moi rien n’a changé. Pas de conso excessive. Il est temps de faire un bilan. Qualité du réseau Rien à dire… Continue reading

Musical Mamma Mia! at Prince of Wales Theatre London

Every time I visit London, I see a musical show. In 2003 with my parents, we saw Les Misérables booked the same day. On the 2nd trip in 2008, my company  sponsored a weekend… Continue reading

28 twenty eight

I’m turning 28 this year. This the the first time I blog on my birthday The year 2011 , I switched to a job which brings me closer to my goals. I travelled… Continue reading

Désimlockage Orange IMEI non reconnu

Client chez Orange sur forfait Origami depuis un an, mon smartphone HTC Desire est SIMlocké ( la puce d’un autre opérateur n’est pas accepté par le mobile ) Tout est expliqué ici …… Continue reading

Prague facts

After passing a few days in Prague during new year eve and walked over a dozen times on Charles Bridge  , some interesting facts : Prague castle (Pražský hrad) is the biggest ancient… Continue reading

Prague en chiffres

Après avoir passé le nouvel An dans la capitale Tchèque Le chateau de Prague (Pražský hrad) est le plus grand au monde. Il s’agit d’une cité médiévale composée boutiques, monuments et bien sur du… Continue reading

Google interview guerilla : my story

For most people the name Google is a verb for “search on internet” or there is now a saying ” Always use Google before you open your mouth”. For most software engineers ,… Continue reading