Bada OS Samsung

Bada (meaning Ocean in Korean) is the new Samsung OS. Samsung Wave (equipped with Bada) will be available in France on May 2010 for around 450€. The Samsung Galaxy i-7500 embedded with Android… Continue reading

ADL Paris! Nexus One for free

I went to the Android Developer Lab on Feb 10 2010. One of the main speaker was Romain Guy. His talks included – the Android stack in 1.5 was only 8K bytes (now… Continue reading

Conference Android

Vendredi, je me suis rendu a la conférence GET en soirée pensant rencontré des passionnés. J’ai suivi avec 2 personnes de Google dont un commercial basé a Paris. Le 2eme de Mountain… Continue reading

San Francisco day #3

Late wake up this morning at 10, since I wanted to try Suppenküche, german cuisine in Hayes Valley, recommended by Lonely Planet. But they only open at 5pm. So I decided to eat… Continue reading

Payer le Thalys ou Eurostar en chèque vacances

Dans le post précédent, je parlais d’une astuce qui permet de voyager vers l’étranger avec des chèques vacances. En effet la SNCF accepte ces chèques uniquement pour les destinations intra France. Ci dessous… Continue reading

Back from KingsOfCode

It’s one week old since I’ve been to Amsterdam for KingsOfCode.  I had one contact (never met in person) on my LinkedIn who organized a side-event. In less than 5 days I planned… Continue reading

The Boat that Rocked/ Good Morning England

Today I just watched “Good Morning England”. It’s a good comedy about Radio Rock, a pirate station which broadcast from a boat crowded by DJ. However they come into conflict with the British… Continue reading

Low budget Lord of the Rings : the Hunt of Gollum

This morning on TV, I learnt about a fan Tolkien made movie : ‘The Hunt of Gollum’  for a budget 3000 £ . 160 people were cast on the  40-minute story I think… Continue reading


Yeah I found it : yesterday I was looking for how to add tab on the upper page ( or tabbar) like on this blog Not sidebar, there is a plenty of non… Continue reading

Youtube edu

Who said YouTube is just for entertainment ? I just read the Times from April about universities classes going online. I myself subscribe to stanforduniversity . What is the goal ?  Promotion, gain… Continue reading

The Art of “Invest less, Get more”

I just came across an article from TIME. How do you get started? All that’s required is a great idea for a product that will fill a need in the 21st century. These… Continue reading

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Web 2.0 Keynote in NYC: great motivation

There is not one single week, I miss this formidable speech from the energetic Gary Vaynerchuk . He delivers some powerful messages for any wanna be entrepreneurs. I used to think he was… Continue reading

Why use ?

If you have come to this page, maybe you’re interested in blogging, maybe you’re already using blogger or movable type. I used to have another account on WordPress until I could not log… Continue reading